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Summer Program in Valencia for Juniors 14-17, from 1 to 8 weeks

Our comprehensive Teen Program is designed for youngsters aged between 14 and 17 with all levels of Spanish. We expertly combine our lessons in small, caring classes with cultural and leisure activities.

We put a big effort into opening the minds of our teenagers through total cultural immersion. Students walk away with new skills, new appreciation for world cultures, new friends from across the world and new insights into what they can achieve. 

Our students will practice their Spanish, experience an exciting new culture, make international friends and have an unforgettable time with us! 

Spanish class

Program Description

Opening the minds of our teenagers through total cultural immersion!

Program overview

  • The objective of the program is to help you express yourself more fluently in Spanish. Students learn how people use the language in real life, how they speak to each other in the street, how they socialize, etc    
  • We concentrate on all of the fundamental language learning skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking  
  • All classes are given in Spanish. The groups are small in number, the teacher is able to deal with the specific needs of each student on a more personal basis  
  • The programme also aims to integrate students into our culture. Visits to cultural centres, museums, other towns, etc. are arranged, in an attempt to ensure that all students are fully immersed in Spanish life 
School Location
The school is situated on one of the main streets of Valencia Old Town,
in the district of El Carmen. A tangled web of narrow streets, alleys
and plazas packed with terraces, El Carmen has become Valencia’s
most famous and fascinating neighborhood. The school is surrounded
by history, culture, shops, cafes, historical sites and the energetic
Spanish city life.

Spanish lessons 

  • During the course students become  immersed in Spanish language and culture, learn how people use the  language in real life, how they speak to each other in the street, how they socialise
  • Students develop skills that they can immediately practise  outside the classroom.
  • There are four Spanish classes every day, lessons can be in the morning of following a zig-zag schedule (some days in the morning with activities taking place in the afternoon and some days activities take place in the morning and lessons in the  afternoon)
  • Our Spanish lessons focus on communication skills although grammar and vocabulary are also important
  • We offer 6 different levels according to the Instituto Cervantes curriculum which is based in the Common European Framevowk (CEF)


At the end of the course, students are given an attendance certificate indicating the course taken, the number of hours of study and the level reached, in addition to a detailed report on their progress in each language area


The courses are divided up into 6 different levels: from beginner to advanced levels

Spanish level test 

On the first day of class, students are given a talk about the programme they will be studying, and have to take a level test. Once the test has been corrected, they are incorporated into the group

Class material

You will use a textbook in class, together with supplemental material such as newspaper/press articles, adverts, audio-visual materials etc. 


Our method combines a traditional grammar approach with a more modern communicative focus. To put it simply, great importance is placed on practising grammar in communicative contexts which reproduce situations you might come across in everyday life. 

Quality assurance

We are proud to be part of International House World Organization (IHWO) which has over 60 years’ experience in improving quality in language teaching. We are also accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

International Mix

Our students come from a growing number of countries all with the aim of learning or improving their understanding way of life. In the school friendly atmosphere perfect to use your new language skills to make new friends. 


Arrivals are normally on Sundays and departures on Saturdays (extra nights might be possible at extra cost). We pick up the students at the airport and take them to the host family or residence.

On departure students are picked up at their accommodation and driven to the departure terminal of the airport. They will be helped to do the check-in and will be guided up to the passport control before the departure gates.

Program Dates & Prices 2019

To book your place on a program, the non-refundable application fee of 70 EUR must be paid. Fees can be paid in USD or by credit card in any currency upon request.

Dates 2019

  • Students of all levels can start  every Monday from 23rd June to 12th August 2019
  • The programme finishes  on the 17th August
  • Students can enrol in the programme for 1 to 8 weeks

Comprehensive Prices 2019

In host family:

  • 600 EUR / 1 week 
  • 520 EUR / extra week 
  • 45 EUR/ extra night 

In residence:

  • 660 EUR / 1 week 
  • 580 EUR / extra week 
  • 50 EUR / extra night 

Day programme:

Spanish course + activities  285 EUR a week 

Additional fee

  • Enrolment fee: 70 EUR (To add to the prices) 
  • Extra supervision (the host families  accompany and pick up the children from school): 60 EUR (To add to the prices)
  • UM (unaccompanied minor)  school service: 50 EUR

The comprehensive program includes

  • Special program for students between 14 and 17 y.o.  
  • Spanish course in groups of 10 students maximum
  • 20 classes per week (50 minutes per class)
  • Class material & Level test
  • Certificate and academic report at the end of the course
  • Host family or residence full-board  accommodation
  • Activities, cultural visits and sports every afternoon 
  • 1 full-day excursion and 5 half-day  activities per week
  • Return transfer from Valencia airport 
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Insurance
  • Supervision by our experienced team of teachers and coordinators
The school
  • Our beautiful school is located in the  historical Palacio de los Fernández de Córdova building deep in the heart of Valencia’s old town surrounded by history and culture
  • We have carefully renovated the stunning  153-year-old property to our own vision of a 21st century language school that compliments history with modernism
  • The school is placed just where the 11th  century Arab city walls were standing and still a big part of them have remained inside the building penetrating through the school and getting inside the classrooms, creating an atmosphere of history and mystery
  • Our 2100-square-metre building has  28 classrooms with interactive whiteboards, a student café with reading area, two patios with fruit trees and a roof garden to enjoy the beautiful Valencian weather all year round
  • The  Camp takes place in a separate wing of our school to ensure all 
  • camp students are together and interacting  during breaks from class in the main patio
  • We are located in the heart of the old town  with easy access to accommodation and all activities

Summer student at school
Students in the class
Business class
Students at school
City Tour

Arrival & Accommodation

You will feel comfortable and relax!


Arrivals are normally on Sundays and departures on Saturdays (extra nights might be possible at extra cost). We pick up the students at the airport and take them to the host family. On Monday morning host families accompany the teens to school and show them the way back home, either walking or by public transport.


Students live with carefully selected  host families or in our city centre residence. The host family houses are comfortable and hospitable. Most of the families live near the school and the maximum distance from school  to home is 25 minutes by public transport.  

Students normally have double rooms in families or single or double rooms in residence including full board. Lunch can be packed or hot depending on requirements. Weekly laundry and cleaning is included. 

The residence is located in the city centre within  walking distance to the school and have school staff on site available 24h.

Host family

Ideal for students who wish to immerse themselves as  much as possible in the Spanish culture.Students will enjoy a family atmosphere where only Spanish is spoken. 


Those who choose the residence option can stay at  our city centre residence with single or double rooms, private or shared bathroom and comfortable common rooms for students.

Learn Spanish & discover the Mediterranean 

Our activities include cultural visits, sports competitions, barbecues, dancing lessons, beach afternoons or shopping and many more!

  • Every afternoon there will be fun from 15:30 to 19:30. Our activities include cultural visits, sports competitions, barbecues, dancing lessons, beach afternoons or shopping. Students return home after the activities
  • On Saturdays, there are full-day excursions, while on Sundays, the teenagers are free to spend the day with their hosts, or they can meet friends (as long as they tell their hosts where they will be and when they will be back)
  • Experienced teachers and coordinators take care of our students and accompany them during all the cultural activities, visits and excursions included in the programme
Sample daily program
  • 08:00-09:00 Breakfast 
  • 09:30–11:15 Spanish classes 
  • 11:15–11:30 Break 
  • 11:30–13:30 Spanish classes: (5 minute break at 12:30) 
  • 14:30–15:30 Lunch with family or packed lunch 
  • 16:00–20:00 Activities, cultural visits and sports 
  • 21:00–22:00 Dinner with family
Supervision and security
Every outing is supervised by our school staff who watch out for the wellbeing and safety of our students. Specialist activities such as sailing, paragliding, etc, are always supervised by professional instructors.
Students are expected to attend lessons and activities as scheduled, and have to respect the programme curfew that is established depending on age.

Host Family
Host Family
Host Family
Host Family

Looking forward to seeing you in Valencia!

Beach volleyball
Daily activities
City tour
Summer students in class
Students at school


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