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Russian Courses with optional Internship & Volunteering in Moscow

Moscow is the Heart of Russia! Moscow was Russia's capital before Peter the Great moved the capital to his new city, St. Petersburg.  Moscow has never lost its intensity or spirit. One that has inspired authors and poets, ensnared the nobility with its charms, and proved to be the center of Soviet mystique during the Cold War. Moscow of today represents both the past and present.  Moscow, as Russia's capital city, is home to over 10 million residents and countless non-residents.

Students in Russian class

Course Types & Prices 2019

To book your place on a program, the non-refundable application fee must be paid. Fees can be paid in USD or by credit card in any currency upon request. 

Find the course that meets your interests!

Intensive Courses: 

Standard Group Course , 20 lessons a week, from 280 EUR

Communicative teaching in small groups (max 12 students per group) makes this course a pleasurable and productive experience. Our Standard Group Course gives participants the chance to learn communicative skills in “real life” situations. This course of 20 weekly lessons is offered year round and follows a modular pattern of two-week units.

Intensive Group Course - 25 lessons a week, from 360 EUR

Our intensive group course runs over twenty-five lessons per week in groups with a maximum of twelve participants. You will have twenty morning lessons with students who have booked the standard group course. The remaining five lessons are taught in mini-groups of up to 6 students on two afternoons, offered at a minimum of three different levels:

  • A1 – Beginner: survival Russian tutorials, outdoor classes (shopping, eating out, getting streetwise, ordering theatre and cinema tickets) and telephone training (booking a restaurant table, making flight enquiries, etc.). 
  • A1+/A2 – Elementary: lectures on the Russian mentality and traditions. Other topics cover a wide range of general interest subjects ranging from Russian cuisine to history. 
  • B1 – Intermediate, B2 – Upper Intermediate: the focus is on business and the economy. Other topics include politics, Russian mass media, cultural and historical subjects.

Combined course (20 group + 5 one-to-one lessons) from 490 EUR 

This option combines our Standard group course with additional, more focused study in a variety of business or cultural fields. Group lessons help to improve general communication skills and overall level, while the content of the one-to-one block will be built according to your specific needs. You can add even more One-to-One lessons weekly tailored to your particular profession or area of interest.

Casual Russian course , 145 EUR a week (15 lessons a week)

Especially for night-life lovers and sleepyheads, we designed a group course with less lessons than our standard group courses and timings which allow for enough sleep after a rough night.

Additional mini-group modules , 180 EUR

These modules can be booked only in addition to any Group or One-to-One course and consist of 5 lessons held in the afternoons usually on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays with 2 lessons on one day and 3 lessons on the second - starting from 14.30 The maximum number of students in a class is 5.

Business Russian,  Minimum level to enrol - A2 

This module gives useful language for everyday business situations: telephone calls, making appointments, running a meeting, dealing with clients. On higher levels it develops practical language skills within real business scenarios: presentations, negotiations, meetings and discussions. This module is ideal for professionals who need to expand their business vocabulary, especially in marketing and sales, and to improve their ability to build and establish successful relationships with Russian business partners.

Russian Music , Minimum level to enrol - A2 

Students who choose this module will have the opportunity to learn more about Russians through songs and music. Lessons include listening to famous Russian songs of the XX century, starting from folk songs and ballads up to rock and pop music. There also will be lectures on the history of typical Russian music genres, all with the aim to expand the vocabulary of our students with both poetic lexica and modern slang.

Russian Literature , Minimum level to enrol - B2 

This module is devoted to classical and modern Russian literature. Reading and discussing Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pelevin and many other renowned and popular writers will hopefully bring our students closer to the mysterious Russian soul or at least offer them a better insight into the Russian literary world.

Telc Exam Preparation Module

Our special telc Exam Preparation Module gives students a clear understanding of what to expect in the telc exam and is essential preparation to help them attain a pass. This module is compulsory for all candidates taking the exam. Training will take place in the week of the exam (Exams take place once per month on selected Fridays)

Individual Russian classes , From 535 EUR for 15 lessons

Our Individual Courses are designed for students who require a very focussed area of study. Teacher and student jointly determine the exact content of any individual course. The student is invited to specify his/her field of interests by completing the relevant parts of our online booking form, which allows us to pre-select material, establish a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary.  

Individual classes prior to an assignment to Russia are a very effective way to prepare for an upcoming relocation. These classes are demanding and require full concentration over a prolonged period of time. Individual courses are available in varying degrees of intensity: 15, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. For 30 lessons or more the student is taught by two teachers. Individual courses can be booked throughout the year. The minimum course length is one week with each course starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday, though weekend classes can be organised on request. Individual courses can be held either at school premises or at student’s accommodation (on request)

One-to-One modules , 50 EUR per lesson

Participants may also book additional One-to-One lessons as a supplement to any Individual or Group Course. 


Reasons to learn Russian in Moscow with us

Established in 1992 and one of the first private Russian Schools in Russia!

Our Advantages
There are countless language schools in Russia, so why would you want to take a Russian course with us?
  • We're in a great location 
  • A real nice atmosphere in a lovely building 
  • Qualified and experienced teachers. All are degree qualified, bilingual and comprehensively trained
  • The school in Moscow features eleven classrooms and is equipped with the latest technology (iPads, free Wifi for students, LCD TV and DVD sets in most classrooms)
  • Moderately priced places for lunch can be found around the corner from the school
  • Great Student Life. Cultural activities organised every week 
  • Attended by a nice mix of students 
  • A range of quality accommodation options – homestay, private studio apartments and shared apartments
Our Students
  • There are students from from all around the world studying at the school.  With the highest number from Western Europe, followed by Asia/Pacific, Central/Eastern Europe, North America and Latin America 
  • One of the great things about our school is the mixture of people you will meet here at any given time
  • Students of all ages study at the school. The highest number are from 21-25, followed by 26-35, but there are also students from 16-20 and students over 50 years old at the school
School's Location
  • Our centre in the Russian capital is located in the central part of the city, a short walk from the Belorusskaya Railway Station, a terminus for trains from Berlin and Warsaw
  • Our premises are on the ground floor of a building that belongs to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most of the office space is used by foreign diplomats and accredited correspondents of the international press
  • The closest metro station (Belorusskaya) can be reached on foot in less than five minutes
  • Starting dates: Any Monday (Specific start dates for total beginners)
  • The minimum age is 16 years old
  • All levels from complete beginners to very advanced
  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday
  • Maximum 12 students for group courses
  • All our courses are based on communicative approaches and combine learning common expressions used in everyday situations with thorough and systematic grammatical approach. This is of vital importance for learning a language like Russian, which has an inflectional system and a non-fixed word order – a language in which word endings or word’s place create the meaning
  • Conversational topics are given with appropriate grammar structures, while the grammar part of the course proceeds gradually from simple “basic concepts” to more complex issues in a psychologically proven order (e.g. naming objects – describing locations – actions with objects – moving to and from, etc.) 
  • One of our most important principles consists in giving our students the linguistic means to express themselves in everyday situations by constant training of communicative skills and models, which allows learners to reach their own communicative objectives
Included in the price
  • Selected Russian course
  • Language Certificate at end of the course
  • Books and/or course materials 
  • Level test
  • Russian immersion with our social program 
  • Access to all the school facilities 
  • Application fee 110 EUR (to 4 weeks) 140 EUR (over 4 weeks)  
  • Summer high season supplement
  • Airport/train station transfer fee (one way) 30 EUR/free with school accommodation
  • Visa registration fee: will be charged in addition to the  enrolment fee for course participants arriving to Russia with a visa
  • Mailing fee (for sending out originals of the invitation letters) 60 EUR
Internships and Volunteering, 250 EUR placement fee 
Working abroad has become extremely popular in recent years. Young people are increasingly looking at work abroad options for a number of very practical reasons, which go beyond the obvious fact that working abroad looks good on any CV. Students choose Internships and Volunteering because they want to:
  • do something meaningful in a gap year 
  • explore career options 
  • develop social competence skills 
  • acquire proficient language skills 
  • immerse in a different culture 
A temporary, supervised, practical experience programme in which a young person, usually a college or university student, carries out a training experience in a temporary position at a host company.

Examples:  Event and advert manager assistant , Receptionist at a hotel, Travel Agent / Manager of Operation, Translator, Freelance Journalist / Assistant Editor,  Marketing Assistant, HR Assistant, Advertising Assistant, 
International Consulting Assistant

Volunteer programmes
A temporary, supervised, practical training in which a person voluntarily carries out a task which has social, environmental or cultural relevance.
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Russian class
Students in Russian class
Students of Russian

Optional accommodation during your Russian Course in Moscow

Our accommodation officer is committed to provide our students with homestay, shared flat, hotel or private apartment that suit one's budget, wishes and expectations of living in the Russian capital. 

Being aware of the different needs and interests of our students we provide various accommodation options easily accessible from the Moscow campus.  

Homestay, from 210 EUR a week

Our main priority when selecting host families is to provide our students with safe and friendly environment. Our host families are very sociable and love to meet new people from around the world. In case students face any problems during their stay in Moscow, our host families are prepared to provide help and support.  You will be provided with a separate (single) bedroom. Double rooms are also available on request. Bathroom and kitchen are shared with the family. You can choose between breakfast only and half-board (breakfast and dinner) packages. 

Shared Apartment, from 220 EUR a week

For those who would rather enjoy a student lifestyle and prefer the company of fellow students we offer single rooms in our shared flats. The shared flats in Moscow are very centrally located and the majority is within walking distance from the campus. All flats are close to metro stations which gives you an unlimited access to all Moscow sights and attractions.  All shared flats in Moscow have Wi-Fi. Bed linen, towels, washing machine and kitchen equipment are provided.

Private Studio Apartment, from 50 EUR a night

If a student is looking for a place on his own the best option is renting a private apartment. Like in the majority of big cities finding the perfect apartment and landlord can be a headache. The accommodation officer can help you find the right place that suits the budget. There is a 200 EUR fee for this service. 

Activities: Learn to speak Russian and have fun!

We will be here to help and support you before your arrival and during your stay. Make friends, practise your Russian, and visit Moscow's iconic locations and hidden gems! Many activities are free, some have a small fee.

Moscow today is the political and economic capital of Russia. With over 12 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Europe. Moscow is the melting pot of a collapsed empire, a mix of European and Asian. Skyscrapers sprout up from the ground and the city centre has being ruthlessly renovated. But there is another Moscow, away from Sadovoye Koltso (Garden Ring) and the Kremlin. Cosy cafes, narrow alleys, hidden artists’ studios and idyllic parks are as much a part of the cityscape as the gigantic wedding- cake buildings of Stalin’s era, the expensive fashion stores and McDonalds. 

There is always something happening in Moscow. The club scene has developed rapidly in the last few years, establishing Moscow as one of Europe’s party capitals. And Moscow can stand proud with other metropolises in terms of bars, pubs and chic restaurants too. Going out in Moscow is great fun!

Excursions and activities 
  • Orientation walk around the school's neighborhood
  • Visit to Red Square and the Kremlin
  • Visit to St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • BUNKER – 42 (Cold War museum)
  • Boat Trip on the Moscow River
  • Moscow Metro Tour
  • Moscow Planetarium
  • Ostankinskaya TV tower
  • Bread Museum + Baking and Painting Honey-Cake Workshop 

Host Family
Student Apartment
Student Apartment

All about learning Russian in Moscow


Russian Course and Internship: Review and Testimonial


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