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Summer Study Abroad Program in Krakow, 4 sessions (July-August)

The program allows students to spend the summer in the beautiful and historical city of Krakow while earning credit at Jagiellonian University. Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364 and is accredited by the Polish ministry of education. 

The program focuses on the Polish language and Polish culture. We offer Polish language courses, lectures on Polish culture, history and art, as well as on social, political and economic issues. Additionally, there is a rich and varied tourist and cultural program. 

Every year hundreds of foreigners from dozens of countries around the world participate in the Summer programs and learn about both the Polish culture and language, but above all, they participate in a unique project that gives them an opportunity to study another culture first hand and to make new friends. Classes are held in the historic buildings of the centuries-old university.

Summer students

Program Sessions, Dates & Prices 2019

Application deadline: May 19th, 2019 (Contact us for late applications)
There is a $95 non-refundable application fee to apply for the program. 
Fees can be paid in USD or by credit card in any currency upon request. 

SESSION A  -  four-week program in a new format: every week additional activities within the language course: classes held in the city space, in museums and galleries, in places loved by inhabitants of Krakow as well as tourists:

  • Dates: July 4-31. Altogether 28 days, 20 days of classes
  • Price: $3499 USD

SESSION B - six-week program:

  • Dates: July 4-August 14. Altogether 42 days, 30 days of classes
  • Price:  $3999 USD

SESSION C -  three-week program:

  • Dates: July 4-24. Altogether 21 days, 15 days of classes
  • Price: $2999 USD

SESSION D -  three-week program:

  • Dates: July 25-August 14. Altogether 21 days, 15 days of classes
  • Price: $2999 USD
The program cost for 4 Sessions includes:
tuition, Polish language textbook, all complementary programs, double room accommodation in a dormitory and three meals a day

Other Programs at Jagiellonian University: 

Program's Information:

Why you should definitely come to our program:

  • because we are part of the Jagiellonian University, which has just celebrated its 650th anniversary; 
  • because our Summer School is the biggest, oldest and probably best in Poland; 
  • because we are based in Poland's most beautiful city – Kraków; and in 2017, also in a world-class spa resort – Szczawnica;
  • because we teach the Polish language professionally and with passion; 
  • because, in addition to our language courses, we offer lectures on Polish culture, literature, society, politics, economics, etc., delivered by teachers from the JU and other institutions of higher education; 
  • because our programs give you a Jagiellonian University transferable credits, including ECTS which have been readily accepted at schools across Europe and the United States
  • because the evenings are filled with extra activities to enhance your language and cultural experience, and we arrange trips on weekends; 
  • because our programs are chosen every year by hundreds of participants from all continents, so you can meet people from all over the world here, make new friends, learn a lot and have a uniquely memorable summer!
Program Requirements:
Jagiellonian University, main building
Jagiellonian University
Jagiellonian Univeristy, inside
Students at University
Double room

Accommodation & Cultural program

Cultural program are complementary, no credits/ECTS points.


Students will live in a dormitory in double rooms (with one bathroom per two rooms), fully equipped with towels, sheets etc. At the dormitory there is a club, cafeteria and post office, as well as a newspaper and souvenir stall. The participant can access the Internet inside his/her room, using his/her own properly configured laptop. The number of single rooms is limited. Accommodation in such rooms is possible upon prior reservation for extra cost. The program cannot assist participants in finding private accommodation.


Meals are served TWO TIMES A DAY (breakfast and dinner) in the students’ cafeteria. Special dietary arrangements are possible for vegetarians.

Cultural programs:   

  • Sacrum/profanum. Polish customs and traditions   
  • Dance workshops 
  • Cooking workshops 
  • Film presentations (with English subtitles) 
  • Theater performances and concerts (tickets not included) 
  • Visits to galleries and museums (tickets not included) 

  Language programs: 

  • Evening conversations and phonetics workshops (once a week) 
  • Individual language consultations (twice a week) 

  Tourism program:  

  • Sightseeing tours of: the Jagiellonian University Museum in Collegium Maius, Krakow’s Old Town with the Wawel Royal Castle, and the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau (the former Nazi concentration camp).
  • Trips to: 
1. Tour of the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau (the former Nazi concentration camp) 
2. Trip to the ancient Salt Mine in Wieliczka or to the Pieskowa Skała Castle 
3. Trip to the Pieniny Mountains, including a raft ride on the Dunajec river 
4. Trip to the Tatra Mountains, including a visit to the resort city of Zakopane

All trips are organized for each program separately.

Course Options 2019

When choosing the courses, make sure they do not overlap and that they are taught during your participation in the program.

Academic Program:

  • Minimum age is 18 years old  
  • Students can study Polish and/or elective courses of their choice  
  • All levels of Polish are available  
  • The program normally earns students 2-9 semester hours of credit
  • The program is designed to give every student a solid understanding of the Polish language and culture, while at the same time allowing for the program to be personalized to each students individualized needs 
  • Students can choose to take Polish and/or elective courses focusing on Poland and Central Europe

List of Courses for 4 Sessions 2019:

  • Polish Art: Past and Present
  • History of Poland 
  • The Jews in Poland 
  • Polish Grammar , 2 sessions 
  • Polish Culture: Lessons in Polish Literature
  • Contemporary Poland and Her Society in the 21st Century

Courses in Polish Language 2019:

  • Historia Polski 
  • Czy rzeczywiście ten język jest taki trudny?
  • Polska kultura współczesna 
  • Literatura polska XX wieku 
  • Literatura i kultura polska XX wieku: wybrane tematy
  • Dlaczego ten język jest taki skomplikowany?
Intensive Polish Language Course:
An intensive language course designed to build a firm linguistic foundation. On the first day of the program participants are tested to be placed one of eight levels from survival polish to native speaker. Level changes and group transfers are possible within two to three days after the placement test. 
What courses can you take:
It is up to you. You may take Polish in the morning and electives in the afternoon or you may take just Polish or just electives. The choice is yours! This program allows you to tailor the program to your needs and interests. The program fee covers as many courses as you would like as long as there is not a scheduling conflict. 

Course Descriptions & Schedule:

To check the detailed calendar and course offerings for each session please click on the link: COURSE DESCRIPTIONS & SCHEDULE 2019

Day trip
Day trip

We look forward to seeing you in Krakow!

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City tour
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Students on the trip
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