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Fall Study Abroad Program in Krakow (Sep-Dec)

The program allows students to spend the fall in the beautiful and historical city of Krakow while earning credit at Jagiellonian University. Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364 and is accredited by the Polish ministry of education. 

The program focuses on the Polish language and Polish culture. We offer Polish language courses, lectures on Polish culture, history and art, as well as on social, political and economic issues. Additionally, there is a rich and varied tourist and cultural program. Classes are held in the historic buildings of the centuries-old university.

Summer students


Students take a language course and up to 4 elective courses.

Fall Course Fields

  • Politics 
  • Culture   
  • History     
  • Polish & French Language 
  • Economics and many more!  
Course choices

  • Modern European State Formation - the aim of the course is to describe and discuss the process of the formation of modern states in Europe since the mid-seventeenth century. Both historical facts will be examined (with some attention devoted to political thought) as well as legal and ideological changes in state forming and transforming over almost four centuries

  • The Cultural Construction of European Identities - this course deals with the process of the construction of European social and cultural collective identities, seen as a historical development and as a present transformation. Primary attention will be given to the present situation in Europe and its different segments: West and East, North and South. The identity of Europe is understood here as plural – Europeans have various collective identities and the course will examine some of them, especially local/regional, ethnic and national, as well as gender, and will discuss the complexity of the issue of European identity. The concept of a single European identity, even if understood as an internally pluralistic mosaic, is still problematic, it is an opportunity for and a danger to the European cultural heritage. Perspectives of European integration will be discussed in view of the development of democracy and civil society, nationalism, ethnic revival, migration, and the attempt to create European citizenship. Students will gain historical and sociographic knowledge of processes of collective identity construction in Europe, but they will also be given intellectual, theoretical and conceptual instruments to understand and analyse the social and cultural processes of identity construction

  •  Introducing the European Union - the objective of the course is to provide students with introductory knowledge about the European Union, its geography, political system, history, law, institutional architecture, policies, civic and societal issues, and recent developments 

  • Polish language - from elementary to advanced, levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1  

  • French language - elementary French, level A1, A2 

  • Other courses - students may sign up for courses all over the university during add/drop


There is a $95 non-refundable application fee to apply for the program. 
Fees can be paid in USD or by credit card in any currency upon request. 

Why you should definitely come on our program
  • because we are part of the Jagiellonian University, which has just celebrated its 650th anniversary
  • because our School is the biggest, oldest and probably best in Poland
  • because we are based in Poland's most beautiful city – Kraków
  • because we teach the Polish language professionally and with passion
  • because, in addition to our language courses, we offer lectures on Polish culture, literature, society, politics, economics, etc
  • transferable credits, including ECTS which have been readily accepted at schools across Europe and the United States
Academic Program
  • Application deadline: April 14th (Contact us for late applications)
  • Minimum age is 18 years old 
  • Students can study Polish and/or elective courses of their choice 
  • Each course is 6 ECTS credits roughly 3 semester hours 
  • Available Polish language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1  
Fall Schedule 2017*
  • 27-28 September - Arrival days 
  • 29 September - Orientation 
  • 30 September - University inauguration day  
  • 2 October - First day of classes 
  • 2 - 13 October -Add/Drop period 
  • 4-9 October - Integration trip 
  • 11 December - Last day of classes 
  • 12-15 Exams 
  • 16-17 Departure Days
*The dates are subject to change

The program cost includes
  • Application & accommodation fee  
  • Tuition for up to four elective and one language course  
  • Accommodation in the dormitory (double rooms)  
  • Some excursions 
  • One official transcript sent by priority mail   
Not included
  • Airfare or other transportation to and from Krakow 
  • Food, insurance and outside travel 
  • Optional single room in the dormitory is possible upon prior reservation for extra cost. The number of single rooms is limited
Other Programs
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Double room in the dormitory

Housing in Krakow

  • Students will live in a dormitory in double rooms (with one bathroom per two rooms), fully equipped with towels, sheets etc.   
  • At the dormitory there is a club, cafeteria and post office, as well as a newspaper and souvenir stall  
  • The participant can access the Internet inside his/her room, using his/her own properly configured laptop  
  • The number of single rooms is limited. Accommodation in such rooms is possible upon prior reservation for extra cost  
  • The program cannot assist participants in finding private accommodation

We look forward to seeing you in Krakow!

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City tour
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Students on the trip
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