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Italian Courses with optional Internship in Rome

Learn Italian & Experience Rome!

With us you will get to know the ins and outs of our beautiful language and world-famous culture. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers will guide you, encourage you and make your learning fun and enjoyable. Outside the classroom we will do our best to cater for all your needs, including getting you into comfortable accommodation and providing you with a rich and varied programme of social activities so you can discover the secrets of our splendid city and typical aspects of Italian culture!

Italian class

Course Types, Dates & Prices 2019

To book your place on a program, the non-refundable application fee of 100 EUR must be paid. Fees can be paid in USD or by credit card in any currency upon request.

Find the course that meets your interests:

Group Courses, from 200 to 340 EUR per week

These are the most popular courses. All levels are available, from absolute beginners to advanced all year around:

  • Group Intensive 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons/week 
  • Small Group Non-Intensive 5 lessons/week
Individual Courses, from 130 to 1260 EUR per week
Particularly suitable for all who require tuition tailor-made to their individual needs or for students who want to add some tailor-made individual tuition to their Group Courses:
  • Individual Intensive 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons/week
  • Individual Non-Intensive 3, 4, 6 or 9 lessons/week 
Combined Courses, from 480 to 815 EUR per week
Particularly suitable for those who need Italian both for general and specific purposes (dealing with specific topics in specific settings and/or other particular aspects of the language). Students attend a 20 lessons/week group course in the morning and individual lessons in the afternoon.
  • 20 lessons (group) + 6, 10 or 15 lessons (individual)/week
Academic Programmes
These courses have been designed to meet the ever increasing demand of a solid language course and bring students at a B2 (at least) level. The courses are designed for those students who need a sound language and cultural foundation in order to study at an Italian Higher Education Institution (University, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Design and Conservatory). These courses cater also for students who want to spend a year abroad before beginning at university in their own country (Gap Year) and also those students who are simply interested in Italian language and culture
  • Marco Polo and Turandot Projects/24 weeks - 5.300 EUR
  • Foundation Year/40 weeks - 5.800 EUR 
  • Academic Semester/24 weeks - 3.950 EUR
  • Preparatory Course for  Italian universities/6 weeks - 1.800 EUR
Italian through Art & Culture (duration is 2 weeks)
Each of these courses seeks to offer those interested the opportunity to improve their Italian whilst learning about one of the following Art & Culture topics. Students, if they so wish, as long as they have an adequate level of Italian, can simply attend just one (or more) of these courses. However, our advice is to combine the attendance of one (or more) of these courses with attendance of a general intensive language course (group intensive 20 lessons per week), thus getting the utmost out of their time here:
  • Discovering Rome
  • Italian through Architecture
  • Italian through Photography
  • Italian through Italian Cooking
Italian + A Taste of Italian Culture
These courses are designed for those who have some interest in Italian life and culture but whose main objective is to improve their Italian. Just choose which subject you prefer. They’re both fun and educational:
  • Italian + Italian Home-Cooking
  • Italian + Italian Wine
  • Italian + Italian Fashion
  • Italian + Italian Opera
Rome for 30-40 year-olds and 50+ (duration is 2 weeks)
These courses are designed for those adult students who are looking for a study holiday in Rome combined with various activities which enhance it and make it really special. It’s a mix of language, art, culture and fun, combined with the pleasure of good company sharing and improving one’s knowledge of those aspects that make Rome such an unforgettable city:
  • Rome for 30-40 year-olds
  • Rome for 50+
Business Italian (duration is 2 weeks)
This course caters for people who need to use Italian at work. The objective is to develop effective communication skills at work and in business, both spoken and written
Italian for Law (duration is 2 weeks)
A stimulating and active way to learn some of the basic notions of the Italian judiciary system
CILS or CELI Exam Preparation  
Training in specific exam procedures for two important recognized examinations
Internship Programme
Combines Italian language study with work experience in an Italian company. The minimum language level required to access the Internship is B1. In any case students are required to attend a 20 lessons/week course for a minimum of 4 weeks. Students choose a work experience lasting from 4 to 24 weeks. The work experience usually takes place in Rome. Students can choose work experience in varies fields of work in line with their studies, qualification and experience


Reasons to learn Italian in Rome with us

Over 40 years of experience , 67,000 international students, 125 nationalities & 
5,000 teachers trained!

Who we are
  • Our school is established in 1974 and officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, was one of the first language schools in Italy to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and has established itself as one of the most prestigious Italian Language Schools in the country today
  • It is an early member of the IH World Organization, now a network of over 150 language schools in more than 50 countries
  • It is also member of IALC 
  • The quality of the teaching and services provided by the school is guaranteed by its membership to EAQUALS 
  • The school is an Examination centre for the CELI examinations of Perugia University and for CILS examinations of Siena Universit
  • Our school is also well-known and appreciated in Italy and abroad for its Teacher Training Department accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and for the publication of course books and other language teaching materials
Where we are 
  • The school is situated in the centre of Rome just a short walk from the central railway station and conveniently placed for transport to every area of the city
  • Via Marghera is a short and very quiet street. A perfect location for a school. There are 11 classrooms in the school, a five-storeyed Liberty style villa
  • Facilities: Interactive whiteboards, Students’ Club, Cafeteria, 2 terraces and a garden, computer room, Wi-Fi connection, air conditioning 
  • All levels are available, from absolute beginners to  advanced
  • The minimum age is 16 (Internship 18 y.o.)
  • The max number of students per class is 14, or 5 for small groups 
  • · A lesson hour lasts 45 minutes for Group Courses and 50 minutes for Individual Courses
  • Students who already know some Italian can enrol at  times other than course-starting dates
  • On arrival, students are tested and placed in classes according to their level and their particular needs
  • The school caters for students from all over the world at all levels and with a wide variety of needs
  • Each year about 1700 students from more than 60 countries attend our courses. Amongst other advantages, this means it is easy to make friends with classmates of different mother tongues thus encouraging the use of Italian even outside the classroom
  • We were one of the first schools to adopt a fully communicative approach to the teaching of Italian, and the approach is being up-dated all the time
  • Language is never presented out of context; and grammar, phonology, lexis and all other features of actual language use in everyday situations are analysed
  • A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, thus giving students valuable information about modern-day Italian culture and society at the same time as developing students’ authentic linguistic and communicative skills
  • Our teachers, who have been teaching in the school for an average of 12 years, have been selected from special training courses, and they are further required to take part every month in teacher education seminars
Cafeteria and Leisure Areas
  • In the school cafeteria you can get drinks, snacks and lunch before or after classes. The international environment and friendly atmosphere makes it easy to meet people from all over the world using Italian as a common language
  • It is a spacious and comfortable place, ideal to make friends, have fun, relax and do homework. Concerts, films, plays, parties, etc. are organised here. Books to read, table games and a piano are available for use at all times
Included in the price
  • Selected Italian course
  • All materials except course book are included in fees
  • Use of school facilities
  • Insurance for all activities organized by the school, seminars and social activities ( except dinners, concerts, operas, visits and excursions)
  • Language Certificate
  • For Foudation Year and Academic Semester students internal and external exams included in fees
  • Application fee 100 EUR (payable once only, on enrolment; valid for all courses and programmes (except Internship Programme - 150 EUR) for 12 months
  • Course book (mandatory) 18 EUR
  • Extra charge for exams if required
  • Airrport Transfer, one way -  85 EUR  
Students at school
Computer Lab
Lounge terrace
Sample Monthly Programme

Optional accommodation during your Italian Course in Rome

The accommodation can be arranged on request only for students attending an Intensive Course.

All accommodation has been carefully selected and is regularly monitored by our staff. It is all centrally located and the school can easily be reached in approx. 30 minutes by public transport. You can choose from:

 Host Family 

Students live with local residents. Your host family can be a "traditional" one, a single parent, an elderly person or a single. In selecting host families, our priority is that the host enjoys the company of foreign students. Host families can host from 1 to 4 students: the kitchen and bathroom are shared

  • Standard Host family - single or double room - self catering, with breakfast or half board 
  • Standard Plus Host family - single or double room - self catering, with breakfast or half board

Shared Flat 

Students share the flat with other students from the school. Our shared flats can host from 2 to 6 students. The bathroom and kitchen are shared.

  •  Shared flat - single or double room - self catering 
  • Superior shared flat - single or double room - self catering 

Activities: Learn to speak Italian and have fun!

We will be here to help and support you before your arrival and during your stay until you return home.

Fully aware that a satisfying study holiday cannot only consist of a language course, we pay particular attention to those services which can contribute to making your stay as enjoyable as possible.
Our Reception and Accommodation team are always ready to help you with anything you may need, so do not hesitate to speak to us

Your social activities

  • Our aims is to offer you the best opportunities to practice speaking Italian, improve your understanding and speed up your progress. We want you to have fun, meet other students, make new friends and enjoy the wonders of a city unique in the world
  • Each day there is a different, involving social activity that all the students are welcome to attend. Whether it's an excursion to the beauties of Rome, a seminar on Italian cooking and wines, or a guided tour to one of Rome's many attractions, the Social Programme is the perfect place to discover Rome and practise Italian
  • The teaching staff run the activities making sure that any language or other difficulties are taken care of
  • A calendar of social events is given to each student on entry to the school. Most of the activities are included in the enrolment fee; otherwise a small charge is made

Shared apartment
Shared apartment, superior

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

Students on a city tour
Our international students
City tour in Rome
Vine testing tour in Rome
School's terrace
Activity calendar at school
Reception at school
Students after class on terrace


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