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Spanish Courses with optional Volunteering & Internship in Buenos Aires

Optional  university credits! 

Our School is one of the most established Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, offering a wide range of top quality, accredited Spanish courses and classes! We offer students a unique language learning experience by combining Spanish courses and authentic cultural experiences, enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the culture of Argentina!

Our strongest belief is that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to achieve a true understanding of and proficiency in the Spanish language. At our school, we have merged our passion for both travel and education in order to offer students the experience of a lifetime and an effective and enjoyable way to learn Spanish in Argentina!

Course Types, Dates & Prices 2019

To book your place on a program, the non-refundable application fee of $105 USD  must be paid. Fees can be paid in USD or by credit card in any currency upon request.

Find the course that meets your interests:

 Intensive Spanish 20 lessons, from $210 USD a week

This popular Intensive Spanish 20 course is designed to develop students' language skills in small interactive groups. 

COMBINE your intensive course WITH:

 Intensive Spanish 20+10 lessons, from $285 USD a week

The intensive Spanish 30 course includes a weekly total of 30 hours - 20 hours of group classes in the morning and 10 hours of group classes in the afternoon. Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary are all covered within the program.

Intensive Spanish 20+4,6 or 10 lessons, from $310 to $475 USD a week

Combination courses are group and individuals classes combined to provide the most effecient way to learn Spanish. Students will take 20 hours of group classes and 10, 6 or 4 hours of private lessons each week, depending on the preference of the student. This combination allows for a more rapid and effective fluency development.

Intensive Spanish 20 + 4 Business Classes, from $310 USD a week

In order to aid students within the business environment Expanish offers Business Spanish courses that are specifically designed for each student.

Intensive Spanish 20 + 4 Medical Classes, from $310 USD a week

The school offers a Medical Spanish course for those interested in learning the language to aid in their professional development within the health care field. The course consists of individual lessons so the content can cater to each individual's needs.

Spanish for Teachers , 30 lessons,  $350 USD a week 

1 or 2-Week Development Program with start dates: 7/1 and 14/1 or 15/7 and 22/7. Includes 20 Theoretical Lessons + 10 Practical Lessons.

One to One Lessons, $35 USD per hour

Individual classes allow students to tailor lessons to their needs.

One to One - 10 Lessons, $295 USD 

10 individual classes give students the possibility to focus on the areas the student wants to improve in.

One to One - 20 Lessons, $550 USD

20 individual classes give students the possibility to focus on the areas the student wants to improve in.

DELE & SIELE  Preparation Course ,  $295 USD 

DELE - The school offers tailor made courses in order to prepare students for the DELE exam. These courses will enable students to take their exams with confidence, 10 individual hours 

SIELE - The Cervantes Institute has created a new, dynamic Spanish exam and so we have created a preparation course to help students successfully master the exam. The SIELE Prep course can be taken at any time and our school is an official testing center. We think this will be a great upselling product for students who want an internationally recognized certification of their Spanish proficiency.

 Spanish in the City,  $390 USD a week 

This is a new program where students will participate in our standard 20-hour group course and have an additional 6 hours of private lessons conducted in the city, visiting museums and cultural centers with a Spanish teacher.

Spanish in the City Day Class, $95 USD a day 

1 Module of 3 Individual Lessons in the City.

In-Company Spanish Classes for Foreign Employees

Our school offers Spanish classes for local companies to train their foreign employees. We work with small businesses, multinational companies, non-profit organizations and foreign embassies to help their expatriated staff integrate by learning Spanish.

Spanish Crash Course

This ultimate Spanish Crash Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is designed specifically for people wanting to learn the basics quickly so they can get by in any other Spanish-speaking country.

Academic Semester, $160 USD a week 

This is a long-term program for students who will study for 20+ weeks, and will receive extra academic supervision by our Director of Studies (DOS) as well as an additional discount on courses at $160 USD per week.

Spanish Course with Bildungsurlaub Accreditation

Expanish is proud to be an accredited language school, offering our Intensive Spanish 30 course to Germans who want to take advantage of Bildungsurlaub in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Spanish Course with CSN Accreditation

Expanish is pleased to offer Swedish students the opportunity to study Spanish through the CSN Argentina program and has put together a list of packages for students wishing to take 13 weeks or more of Spanish classes.

University Credit Programs

The school has partnered with UAI (Universidad Abierta Interamericana) to offer a University Credit Program in Buenos Aires for our Spanish classes to any student who participates in our programs.  For every 10 hours of group classes, students can receive 1 university credit. Students can also expect to receive a diploma and a university transcript upon completion of a program.

Evening Spanish Course

Learn at your own pace with our Evening Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires that meets twice a week. Each module lasts four weeks and students can do just one module or continue with class year-round.

Spanish & Tango - from $285 USD per week

Intensive Spanish 20, 1 Group Tango Class per Week, 1 Individual Tango Class per week.

Junior Program for Groups -  $ 750 USD per week

1 to 4 weeks, Intensive Spanish 20, Homestay (Full board), Group Airport Transfers (In/Out), 5 Activities per week.

Internship Program, $590 USD placement fee 

The school offers high-performance internships at businesses and organizations in all areas of the city. This way, you can have an Internship in Buenos Aires while learning Spanish at the same time.

  • Program Duration: 5 to 24 weeks 
  • Schedule: 20 Spanish lessons before starting the internship + Part/Full Time Internship 
  • Language of the Internship: English or Spanish. B1 level required in the intern language
  • Internship areas: Business, Law, Marketing, Non Profit, Art and Design, Conservation, Journalism, Medicine, Tourism, Engineering, IT, Education

Volunteer Program, $250 USD placement fee 

  • 20 group lessons + 15 hours of work commitment per week 
  • Program Duration: 2 to 24 weeks
  • Spanish Level: opportunities for all levels: A1 to C2
  • Areas of volunteering: After School Program with Children, Teaching English, Working at Children`s Home, Elderly Community Center, Children Academic Support


Reasons to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires with us

Since 2006 we have helped bring together over 13,000 people from all over the world to study Spanish in Buenos Aires! Our school is proud to be one of the best Spanish language schools in Latin America! We are located centrally and offer classes in a refurbished building with modern facilities. Our teachers are of the highest calibre and our classes are great value for money!

Our Advantages
There are countless language schools in Argentina: so why would you want to take a Spanish course with us?
  • Educational Excellence - high quality teaching staff and proven teaching methods 
  • World Class Facilities and Central Location - classes are held in our completely refurbished, historical building 
  • Accreditations - accredited and recommended by various organizations to guarantee quality 
  • Best Accommodation - safe and Comfortable Homestays, Apartments and Student Residences 
  • Dedicated Team - our friendly and approachable staff is always happy to help students 
  • Social Activities - a range of social activities to maximize cultural immersion 
  • Nationality and Age Mix - diverse mix of students from a broad range of nationalities and ages
  • Value for Money - we are one of Buenos Aires top Spanish Schools, trusted to provide excellent spanish tutoring and facilities at reasonable cost
Award- Winning Language School
  • ST Star Awards is a peer-voted award in the study travel industry
  • We have been nominated for 6 years ina row as Star Spanish Language School
Small Classes
We believe that students learn better when they feel confident and comfortable, which is why we offer small group classes, with an average of about 5 to 6 students. Our small classes allow for more personalized attention from the professor in a relaxed and comfortable environment which enables students to feel confident when talking in Spanish.
Professional Teachers 
We pride ourselves on recruiting only the best Spanish teachers in Buenos Aires to ensure top quality Spanish teaching. All of our teachers are not only native Spanish speakers but also dynamic, professional and passionate about teaching Spanish.
Our professors' goal is to make sure students learn the most Spanish possible in the shortest possible time, and they are willing to provide guidance and ongoing support to students, helping to build their confidence and giving constant feedback on their progress
All of our programs are aligned with and based on the Cervantes Institute. The curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Welcome Packs 
Every student will receive a Welcome Pack on their first day at school which includes tourist info about Buenos Aires, program and class information, a textbook and other class materials, a benefit card (used for our discount program), and an eco-bag to store your class materials
Placement Tests 
All students will take a Spanish level test on their first day at school to assess their level and place them in a group with students of the same level
New Student Orientation 
On the first day of classes, our staff will provide students with a short orientation that will include information about Spanish classes, Buenos Aires in general, and about the activities and excursions available throughout their stay
Orientation Walking Tour 
To finalize the activities of the day, new students will take a short walking tour of the surrounding areas to get to know the location of the school and get helpful hits like where to buy a cell phone, how to add money to your public transportation card and where to exchange money
Complete Immersion Experience 
Our strongest belief is that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to achieve a true understanding of and proficiency in the Spanish language. The more students fully immerse themselves into the language by practicing both their speaking and listening in real-life situations, the faster they will develop confidence in their new language skills.
  • We encourage our students to use Spanish as much as possible outside of class. To facilitate this, we offer: 
  • A program of activities every day during the week 
  • Occasional class excursions to locations around Buenos Aires such as traditional bars, museums and historic sights that complement class material 
  • Accommodation placements with Spanish speaking families or in shared accommodation with Spanish speakers 
  • Regular homework to ensure that students are practicing and using new grammar and vocabulary 
Students will find that the the only way to maximize learning development during their time in Buenos Aires is by speaking to classmates and homestay families as much as possible as well as by reading and listening to materials of interest, such as newspapers and radio programs.
School's Location
Located in a historical building in a centralized zone, you are just a short distance from everything Buenos Aires has to offer
Our Facilities
  • Computers & WiFi 
  • Heating & AC
  • 16 Classrooms
  • Luggage Storage
  • Accessible Facilities
  • Lounge & Dining Area
  • In-Room Multimedia 
  • Coffee & Snack Bar
  • Course Start: Every Monday
  • 1 Group Lesson: 50 minutes
  • 1 Individual Lesson: 55 minutes
  • Average 6 (Max 12)
  • Minimum Age: 16; students aged 16 and 17 must book Homestay City and Airport Pickup
  • Schedule: Morning or Afternoon (Schedule determined by school)
Included in the price
  • Course Material
  • Welcome Pack
  • Orientation Session 
  • Walking Tour
  • Free Access to Wi-Fi and Computers
  • Cultural and Social Activities
  • 24/7 Emergency Line
  • Course Certificate
  • Student Benefit Card
  • Application fee $105 USD
  • Internship program fee $590 USD 
  • Volunteer program fee $250 USD for a 2 weeks program and $50 USD for every  extra week
  • University Credit Fees $150 USD per 8 credits
  • Activity Add-Ons from $15 to $140 USD per class/day
  • Optional Student Insurance $25 USD per week
  • Document Courier Fee $60 USD
  • Airport Pickup from/to Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) $70 USD
  • Airport Pickup from/to Jorge Newbery (AEP) $35 USD

Argentina Visa
Immigration requirements differ for each country, so be sure to check the consulate page for your country of origin. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure compliance with the Argentina Visa and immigration requirements to enter the country prior to departure.
In general, our students enter the country on a tourist Argentina Visa, which typically lasts 90 days and can be renewed for a second period of 90 days after arrival (for a total period of 180 days).

Students at school
Students in Spanish class
Optional Internship Program
Optional volunteer program
Students on excursion

Optional accommodation during your Spanish Course in Buenos Aires

The accommodation can be arranged on request in a Spanish host family, shared apartment , residence or private apartment. All housing includes: free Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning service, sheets and towels.

The school offers several different kind of accommodation options to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Buenos Aires and allowing students to practice their Spanish in an authentic environment and fully experience the life and culture in Argentina:

Host Family, from $295 USD a week

Homestay accommodation gives students the opportunity to experience the everyday life and customs of a local Argentine family. A homestay is the best option for students that want to practice their Spanish as much as possible and improve their conversation skills quickly, since students will share two daily meals with the family and will have plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish on a regular basis.

Homestay City Premium, from $385 USD per week

For those who are looking for a little more luxury while staying with a local family, the Homestay Premium accommodation provides local living with extra amenities not included in the other options. The premium option includes a single room and two daily meals just like our other homestays but includes a private bathroom, additional cleaning services, and guaranteed Wi-Fi internet.

Shared Apartment with Host, from $195 USD per week

In the Shared Apartment, students can stay in a single or double room in the apartment of a local host. While meals are not included, students will be able to experience local Argentine living and can still find opportunities for practicing Spanish conversation with their host. 

San Telmo Student Residence Double Room, from $195 USD per week

The San Telmo Student Residence offers communal living in a fun and sociable atmosphere with both Argentine and other international students in the neighborhood of San Telmo. It is a large residence with 41 bedrooms over 6 floors. Students who want to meet lots of new people and are looking for an economical housing option in Buenos Aires can choose to stay in a double room in the residence, shared with another student of the same sex. 

Private Apartment, from $400 USD per week

Our Private Apartment accommodation option offers complete independence where students would live in the apartment of their choice. 

Activities: Learn to speak Spanish and have fun!

We will be here to help and support you before your arrival and during your stay until you return home. Make friends, practise your Spanish, and visit Buenos Aires  iconic locations and hidden gems!

We offer several cultural activities and excursions per week in order to maximize the student experience and immersion into Argentine culture.

Weekly Activities
We offer a variety of different activities every week, so there is always something fun to do! All of our activities are chosen to offer students a chance to not only enjoy Buenos Aires and learn about Argentine culture, but also to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom.
Every week there are always free activities available to students which can include 
  • a Latin American cinema club
  • tango and salsa lessons
  • city center tours 
  • various other cultural activities
 We also offer additional low-cost activities, so there are plenty of ways to get out and explore Buenos Aires with new friends! 

Argentina is a very large country and has many unique cultural destinations and natural attractions to see outside of Buenos Aires. We offer both day and weekend excursions that allow students to test their Spanish skills while exploring the countryside or hiking through the mountains.

Our trips include
  • an outing to a traditional Estancia to see the gaucho way of life
  • an adventure in Iguazu Falls
  • wine tasting in Mendoza 
  • a day-trip to neighboring Uruguay
We have multiple excursions going on each month so there is always the opportunity to explore what Argentina has to offer. If students cannot make one of our excursions or want to create a different adventure, we can also help them plan their own trip.

Home Stay
Home Stay Premium
Shared Apartment with Host
Studio Apartment

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Social Activities
Students on social activities


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